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The Corporate Counsel Survival Guide


This book is a must-have for any new or transitioning corporate counsel. It forgoes all of the stuffiness that leads to so many legal books being bought and left on a shelf and unread. 

Prepare to laugh and learn as Bill takes you through the life lessons that keep you from making his and his friends' mistakes.

  • ISBN: 9781634258869

June, 2019

This book offers helpful insight into the unique aspects of serving as in-house counsel and provides a good foundation for those seeking to learn more about in-house counsel life.  Because it is always better to go into a job search or a new job as prepared as possible, those who are considering an in-house counsel position will benefit from reading this book. 

J. Catherine Kunz

Senior Counsel

Intelligence, Information and Services


This book is light and lively, not filled with a lot of technical or legal jargon, but loaded with excellent advice.  It is a fun read that you will find difficult to put down.  I highly recommend this author as one who has already learned the lessons of transition to in-house and now shares some of those valuable lessons with you. 

Robert F. Meunier, Esq, 

CEO and President,

Debarment Solutions Institute, LLC

This book is an invaluable resource for new in-house counsel. The practice of law within a company can be a daunting challenge for someone transitioning from a firm, and this book should be one of the first items you give your new staff to acclimate them to the environment and equip them for the tools they will need to succeed.

Sheri L. Littlefield 

Chief Legal Officer

CFA Institute

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